Big Cilicio/ Body Belt


You can use this  Cilicio on thigh, hip or chest

Silver colored – stainless steel / 65- 70 centimeters  long / 1 – 2 millimeters diameter

Gold colored – brass / 65 – 70 centimeters  long / 1 – 2 millimeters diameter


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Cilicio It is a jewel used by the nuns, it consists of bands of intertwined rings with small points on one side that are placed on the skin, it is adjusted and those small stingers are nailed into the skin without going through it. Being an instrument of mortification, it leaves peculiar marks in the form of small constellations on the skin. It is present all the time of use, it is one of those things that does not let you forget that you are wearing it, putting discipline, the quality of endurance to combat the temptations to achieve enlightenment.


Información adicional

Color/ Metal Diameter/ Bells

Gold- Brass 1 mm, Gold- Brass 2mm, Gold- Brass Bells 1 mm, Gold- Brass Bells 2mm, Silver – Stainless steel Bells 2 mm, Silver- Stainless Steel 1 mm, Silver- Stainless Steel 2 mm, Silver-Stainless Steel Bells 1mm


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